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Miramare Hotel Castiglioncello from 1912 • Historical Buildings of italy

Hotel Miramare 3 stars Castiglioncello, Tuscany The Miramare Hotel is one of the historical buildings of italy, is situated in the centre of the pinewood of Castiglioncello.

Builted in 1912, during the year it hosted the great names of politics and culture such as Churchill, Pirandello, Marta Abba, Spadolini, Gassman.

The Miramare Hotel has succeeded in preserving the magical atmosphere of the past and in 1962 the movie troupe of the famous movie "Il Sorpasso", directed by Dino Risi.

1912 - 2012, Centenario Hotel Miramare Castiglioncello14 July 2012 - One Hundredth Anniversary

On July 14yh, at 6.30 pm, at the "Winebar Terrace" in the park of the hotel, we will celebrate the one hundredth anniversary.

Alberto Lami (historical memory of Castiglioncello) telling the life of Romolo Monti, a young man who had the courage to realize his dream: build a hotel that was a place of rest and inspiration for artists and men of culture throughout a century.

During the event will set up a memorial of photographs telling about 100 years of Castiglioncello.

Below it's possible to download "The History of 100 years old of Miramare Hotel" in pdf format:

pdf The History of 100 years old of Miramare Hotel »

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Hotel Miramare: some significant images of a century of history...

(click to enlarge. Some images are taken from the volume "Castiglioncello: un secolo di immagini")

Storical meeting in Miramare Hotel

Storical meeting in Miramare Hotel: Gen.le Eisenhower, Gen.le Clark, Gen.le Ryder, Winston Churchill, Gen.le Crittenberg, Gen.le Marshall.

Marradi Pinewood, ex-house of fascio and Hotel Miramare in Castiglioncello

1931: In the foreground the ex-house of the "fascio" with the wide yard, nowdays centre of the police station. Behind the outline of the Hotel Miramare.

Miramare Hotel in 1918

1918: Completed since few years, the hotel shows the wide garden with young trees and plants, nowdays as tall as the building.

The small bay below the Hotel Miramare in 1897

1897: The small bay below the Hotel Miramare, only some small boats; on the right the fishermen's cottage which has built in obedience to Diego Martelli's will.

Baia del Porticciolo, Hotel Miramare e Bagni Ausonia a Castiglioncello nel 1921

1921: A nice picture showing the charming bay with small boats (south) and with the famous Bagni Ausonia built on "palafitte". Behind, the Pasquini Castle.

Romolo Monti and the "Macchiaioli" painters of Castiglioncello

The "revolution of the stain" began in mid '800 when a group of young artists in Florence, who gathered at "Caffè Michelangelo", discovered the new contemporary French art which was taking place in Paris.

The innovative pictorial manifesto of "Macchiaioli", as they had been defined in a derogatory article appeared in the "Gazette of the People" in 1862, was joined by many painters including Giovanni Fattori, Silvestro Lega, Giuseppe Abbati, Odoardo Borrani, Giovanni Boldini, Vincenzo Cabianca and Raffaele Sernesi.

Castiglioncello was their cradle, the perfect setting to paint "en plein air", in contact with nature, in order to emphasize the everyday aspects of human life and authentic shades of eyes perception...
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