Corporate Events

Give your team an opportunity to grow and create value for your company

In an era dominated by digital, events are a strategic lever for the company. In fact, every occasion, lived together, the staff learns to know each other and help to create strong and lasting relationships. This contributes to creating value for a brand or a company. 

The Miramare hotel offers numerous opportunities for meeting and exchange, depending on the needs of the company, be it small, medium or large. In addition to taking advantage of the rooms in case you come from outside the area, you can organize:
:: meeting
:: buffet, seated lunches and dinners
:: team building activities, using the outdoor garden, the sea (with the many activities that our coast, such as sailing) or the rooms that make up the lobby, or the internal rooms
:: training courses
:: private or public events organized by companies.

The Miramare Hotel is also available for the organization of events in Autumn and Winter.

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Corporate Events
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