The benefits of a holiday at the beach in Tuscany in 2020

The benefits of a holiday at the beach in Tuscany is highly recommended for many reasons. After the long quarantine due to Covid-19, the well-known virus that characterized the first months of this year, it is finally time to start planning the holidays!

In compliance with the regulations established by law, the Hotel Miramare is organizing new services to guarantee holidays and relaxation for all those who decide to plan their holidays by the sea, on the Tuscan coast, in Castiglioncello. The gardens have been renovated and made more welcoming, to ensure privacy and safety standards, strictly overlooking the sea and immersed in the greenery of the centuries-old park that enhances the beauty of the Hotel Miramare.

In addition to the renewed green space, the Hotel Miramare has provided many innovations in terms of services, to ensure relaxation, rest and the well-being of anyone who crosses its threshold. Innovative outdoor catering services, bar and solarium service, yoga and pilates courses open to tourists and citizens are the new must-haves that Hotel Miramare will offer starting from the 2020 season.

The benefit of a vacation at the beach

Photo credit Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

In particular, this year, a holiday at the beach brings many advantages to all those who have spent the quarantine in the city, in an apartment without a garden, or away from the sea. The sea, you know, has particular qualities that make it important, if not fundamental, for our health.

The particular position of the Hotel Miramare and the Porticciolo of Castiglioncello, in Tuscany, offer many benefits to draw on to restore mental and physical well-being after the long winter spent within the walls of the house. So let’s see the main advantages of a holiday by the sea:

  1. stimulates the production of Vitamin D, a very important substance because it is essential for bone health;
  2. fights water retention. A holiday by the sea helps fight water retention and improves exercise;
  3. drives away anxiety and reduces stress;
  4. increases the production of hormones of happiness and good humor;
  5. stimulates the immune system;
  6. improves the well-being of the respiratory tract.

1. Vitamin D stimulation 

Vitamin D plays a fundamental role for our body. This vitamin allows us to have healthy skin and improves our mental functions. Unfortunately, regular nutrition cannot provide us with the necessary intake, but the sun comes to help us: daily exposure, with due precautions, helps stimulate the production of Vitamin D, ensuring the benefits for which it is responsible.

2. Water retention fight

All the magazines and experts have said it for a long time, but we want to repeat it: walking on the sand and inside the water are two infallible allies to fight water retention and for all those who are looking for a better physical fitness. On average, walking on sand and in water requires double the energy; therefore it is accomplished:

  • an exceptional exercise,
  • you burn more calories,
  • circulation is reactivated at best.

3. Drive away anxiety and reduces stress

The sea and the sun are powerful natural antidepressants. Also for this, spending a few days in contact with nature allows you to improve your mood and drive away the depression. Sunlight is a factor that has a positive effect on stress but also on sleep and appetite. The sea, the sand are a good trick to detach from everyday life and thus decrease the levels of stress that we accumulate every day, willingly or unwillingly. to fully enjoy the benefits that sunlight and the sea in general have on our body and nervous system, it would be excellent to abandon digital devices, loosen the connection (at least for a few hours) and walk around, allowing thousands of nerve endings to be stimulate duty, making a real massage.

Photo credit from Pexels

4. Increase the production of hormones of happiness and good humor

Why do people tend to be happier in the warm months? Because when sunlight remains for longer, it is a factor that has a positive effect on stress but also on sleep and appetite. Focusing on the waves breaking on the shore can calm anxiety (try to believe) and bring us into a state of relaxation that allows the release of dopamine and serotonin, the so-called hormones of happiness and good mood.

5. Stimulate the immune system

As previously mentioned, sunlight allows us to synthesize vitamin D, a substance which, among other things, helps us prevent autoimmune diseases. Sea water instead contains several minerals and other compounds that help strengthen the immune system, freeing the body of toxins. Another curative advantage of sea water is the ability to heal cuts and wounds faster. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the presence of iodine in the sea air, which gives support to the natural defenses of our body.

6. Improve the well-being the well-being of the respiratory tract.

Sea air is known for its beneficial effects on the respiratory system. Thanks to the large amount of mineral salts it contains, it helps the good health of the bronchi and lungs and unclogs the nose by thinning any mucus present. This improves overall breathing and gets full for the winter.

The Miramare Hotel awaits you from 18 June to enjoy a wellness holiday!