Typical Products
in Castiglioncello

The best of our tradition

The Tuscan coast has many traditions, mostly related to the agricultural world. The land, rich in properties famous across the world, and the sea, which gives a particular influence to the products of the land, give real jewels to taste!

Wine, honey, oil are real rare pearls that make the province of Livorno a true heritage of Tuscany. You just have to try… to believe!

Life is the flower for which love is honey
Victor Hugo

Tuscan Honey

It’s an original, healthy and greedy sector: beekeeping. On the hill overlooking Castiglioncello the industrious bees fill the beehives of the Apiculture Doctor Pescia, open to the public for tastings and direct sales (not just honey: you will find a line of natural cosmetics and the rare mead, a drink of very ancient origins). We also recommend a visit to Fior da Fiore Organic Beekeeping: a small farm born from love for Nature and the desire to do something concrete to safeguard biological diversity. Their apiaries are positioned in pristine places and carefully chosen between the coast of the high Tuscan Maremma and the Apennine of the Lunigiana.

The Tuscan Wine

Along the banks of the Fortulla stream, which flows into the Fortullino Bay, the brackish air caresses the vineyards and olive groves of the Fortulla farm. It is appropriate to define them as zero kilometer wine and oil!

You cannot come to Castiglioncello and not dedicate at least half a day to Bolgheri and its world-renowned wines. A pleasure for the eyes and the palate: the road of the cellars develops among the postcard hills that made Tuscany famous, transforming the tasting path into a multi-sensorial experience.

Ask to the reception to manage a tailored tour!

Of wine, poetry or virtue: as you like, but get drunk
Charles Baudelaire
Olive Oil
Life without joy is an oil-free lamp
Walter Scott

Tuscan Olive Oil

Not far from Castiglioncello, at the gates of Vada, the Il Casone oil mill farm becomes an essential stop to stock up on good oil and take advantage of the tasting events (perhaps a nice barbecue on the farmyard).